Alliance for Patient Safety

                            All that is necessary for the triumph of evil...
                                                                ... is for good men to do nothing.

                                                                                                   Edmund Burke

Retaliation against Gil N. Mileikowsky, M.D.

  1. Pursuing a Cause with Passion - Los Angeles County Medical Association Member Gil Mileikowsky, MD strives to save patients' lives and physicians' careers
    published in Southern California Physician March 2008
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  2. Gil Mileikowky, M.D.: One of 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better
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  3. How it all Started:
    "Once upon a time ... on a peaceful morning on June 12, 2000 ..."

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  4. Confessions of a Serial Killer - Taming the Disruptive Physician by Mark T. Kawa, Esq. - with comments by Gil Mileikowsky, M.D.
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  5. Letter to Dr. Mileikowsky from ETRMC's CEO Dale Surowitz - informing Dr. Mileikowsky that he must be accompanied by security personnel whenever on the hospital premises - June 23, 2000 (note: Mark Kawa, Esq.- recommends this measure in his "Disruptive Physician" article)
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  6. California Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, Document Designating Dr. Mileikowsky as an Expert Witness against ETRMC on June 19, 2003 Three days later ETRMC informs Dr. Mileikowsky (see above letter) that he has engaged in"threatening, disruptive, dangerous and unacceptable behavior" and requiring him to be monitored by secuirty personnel while on the hospital premises.
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  7. Declaration of Gil N. Mileikowsky, M.D. filed 6/28/2000 in the case of Mrs. and Mr. Head v. ETRMC, Dr. Vermech and Dr. Ben Ozer. Case of "battery" as both fallopian tubes were removed without patient's consent and three frozen embryos were "lost."
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  8. Statement of Gil N. Mileikowsky, M.D., dated 8/19/2003, in Support of Motion for Recusal of Suzanne Van Hall, Esq. sent to Becky Miller, M.D., Chief of Staff, Century City Hospital, a Tenet facility and James Barnes, Medical Staff Coordinator, Century City Hospital
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  9. Written Response from Suzanne Van Hall, Esq. to Drs. Mileikowsky and Wolfe regarding questions posed by Dr. Mileikowsky in his July 22, 2003 letter
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  10. Letter to Dr. Mileikowsky's attorney from Tenet Counsel, Mark T. Kawa, Esq. - stating that since Dr. Mileikowsky is neither a patient nor an employee of Tenet's facility, he is not protected by any "whistleblower" law
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  11. Motion for Contempt of Court against Tenet's Attorneys - for abuse of the "disruptive physician" clause in hospital bylaws - October 11, 2002
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  12. Mileikowsky v. Tenet HealthSystem (Mileikowsky-I)
    CA Supreme Court Case # S133894
    CA Court of Appeal Case # B159733, opinion filed 4/06/05

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  13. Mileikowsky v. Tenet HealthSystem (Mileikowsky-II)
    US Supreme Court Docket # 05-638
    CA Supreme Court Case # S134269
    CA Court of Appeal Case # B168705, opinion filed 4/18/05

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  14. Mileikowsky v. HCA, West Hills Hospital Medical Center (Mileikowsky-III)
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