Alliance for Patient Safety

                            All that is necessary for the triumph of evil...
                                                                ... is for good men to do nothing.

                                                                                                   Edmund Burke

Retaliation Against Roberta Miller, M.D.

    Roberta Miller, M.D. worked for 14 years at the Stratton Veterans Affairs Hospital as the Medical Director of the Home Based Primary Care Program and was also the Director of the Home Care Training Institute. In August of 2003, Dr. Miller wrote a crisis letter regarding inadequate staffing, patient safety issues and the potential for misuse of new technologies. She requested an External Review from Veterans Affairs Headquarters. After the Crisis Letter Dr. Miller was allowed to hire another highly esteemed colleague from the community to join the Home Care Practice. The External Review was never carried out as requested. In November 2003 Dr. Miller's superiors retaliated against her demanding she vacate her office and essentially abandon her patients. Dr. Miller declined to choose any of the options given her because neither one was consistent with responsible medical care or responsible professional options. Her medical partner to be had been recruited to Iraq and the night he flew to Kuwait he was notified that he should ignore anything that he heard about the Stratton VA Homecare Program and that he would have a job when he returned. Despite courageous efforts by the Medical staff at the Stratton VAMC to support Dr. Miller, and her colleague, she was forced out of her position as medical director and ultimately left the VA in July 2004. Her partner, upon returning from Iraq joined Dr. Miller in a private practice of Home Care.