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Lumetra Report Evidence - Using the Medical Board As A Proxy to Suspend Physician's License


Excerpts from "Comprehensive Study of Peer Review in California" - July, 31, 2008 - A report by Lumetra to the Medical Board of California

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On page 65, paragraph 3, Lumetra' s report confirms that:

" Although..., Physicians who have been the subject of an 805 report state that it is difficult or impossible to find a new position, their professional lives are ruined, other entities will not grant privileges even if they have fulfilled the terms of the discipline, and they spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in court trying to clear their names and reputations. "

On page 94, 2nd paragraph, Lumetra' s study found that:

" The 805-subject physicians described a process that was highly " political " and was used to eliminate competitors and eliminate peers, based on gender, ethnicity, language, psychiatric illness, " get rid of me ", or just failure to fit into the culture of a particular medical staff. These 805-subject physicians described not being able to find any position or job after having an 805 report filed and spending three to five years in 809 hearings and other procedures to fight for their reputations, EVEN after the MBC found NO WRONGDOING on their part.

They reported spending thousands of dollars to fight the charges so they could gain practice as physicians.

... Physicians who had experienced being reported via an 805 stated that having an 805 filed, especially if posted on the physician Web profile, was a " career ender " ( see Appendix IX: Comments About Study ). "