Alliance for Patient Safety

                            All that is necessary for the triumph of evil...
                                                                ... is for good men to do nothing.

                                                                                                   Edmund Burke

Letters to Elected Officials and Testimony to Government Agencies

  1. Letters to Governor Jerry Brown - VETO AB 655 - September 2011 and

    Letters Sent to Elected Officials IN OPPOSITION to AB 655 (Hayashi) as it Compromises our Patients' Safety. Sent June, July, & August 2011

    Read Letters from Concerned Patients, Physicians and Consumers

  2. Letters to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - VETO AB 1235- September 2010
    Read Letters from Concerned Physicians

  3. "Is Physician Peer Review a Broken System?"
    Hearing of California Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee, Sacramento, CA, 3/9/2009
    Read or Watch Testimony

  4. How Peer Review Failed at Redding Medical Center,
    Why It Is Failing Across the Country and What Can Be Done About It

    Submitted to the U.S. Senate Finance Subcommittee on Health Care by
    Gerald N. Rogan, M.D., Frank Sebat, M.D., and Ian Grady, M.D., September 22, 2008
    Read Report
    Read Press Release

  5. Candidates Confuse the Health Care Issue, The Epoch Times, May 07 2008,
    by Marvin Mantyk and Evan Mantyk
    Read Article

  6. Whistleblower Week in Washington, May 2008
    more information

  7. Presentation by Gil N. Mileikowsky, MD at the California Republican Party Convention
    Healthcare Forum II - February 22, 2008
    Download Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
    Video of Healthcare Forum

  8. Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger - 11/24/2007

    Regarding California Law AB 632

  9. How to Achieve Consumer-Driven Healthcare through Transparency
    Letter to Senator Tom Coburn's Office - 11/16/2007
    Read Letter

  10. Death of a Physician's Private Practice - Testimony Before the US Small Business Administration Regulatory Fairness Forum for Small Business, Glendale, CA, 6/14/2007
    Read Testimony
    Read Appendix to Testimony
    View Videos of Testimony

  11. Letter to Rep. Ron Paul - 5/16/2007

  12. Letter to Rep. Henry Waxman - 11/15/2005

  13. Letter to Rep. Howard Berman - 11/15/2005

  14. Letter to Senator Grassley - 10/30/2003

    urging Congress to extend "whistleblower" protection to all physicians

  15. Letters to President George W. Bush - 10/16/2003

  16. Letter to Senator Feinstein from Senator Lieberman - 12/20/2002

  17. Letter to Sen. John McCain - 9/12/2002

  18. Letter to Sen. Joseph Lieberman - 8/21/2002