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                                                                                                   Edmund Burke

Retaliation Against Physicians - Osamah A. El-Attar, MD

  1. On 8/19/2011 the Court of Appeal for the State of California reversed the Superior Court judgment and remanded back with instructions to issue a writ directing the hospital to vacate its decision against appellant and grant him a new judicial review hearing. Appellant to have his costs on appeal.

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  2. CMA's Amicus Brief in support of El-Attar, M.D. from:

    In this case, Dr. El-Attar's medical staff privileges were not renewed by the hospital's governing Board.

    Following a finding by the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) that there was no basis for the hospital to deny Dr. El-Attar's reappointment to the medical staff, the hospital bypassed the MEC and picked its own panel and hearing officer over Dr. El-Attar's objections.

    CMA filed an amicus brief in support of Dr. El-Attar arguing that medical staffs are required to abide by their bylaws and cannot designate their governing body to act on its behalf, except in rare circumstances.

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  3. AB 655 vs. El-Attar v. Hollywood Presbyterian Med Ctr - article by Robert Weinmann, M.D. - 8/24/2011 - Read Article