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August 17, 2011

Health Care Mess In Virginia caused by VBM from Disamodha Amarasinghe on Vimeo.

All those interested in improving health care in USA must watch the above video. It is about Injustice in Health Care, where MDs who lose patients due to gross incompetence (Good Old Boys) are protected by the very same people who are in charge of our Health Care system. And they go after those who complain to save human lives. I am referring to the VA Board of Medicine (VBM).

I made this video on a web site that gives a video documentary of the Injustices I was subjected to by the VA Board of Medicine. It is very educational to medical and non medical personnel. I welcome any suggestions.

I want to send this to the media and all the Senators and Congress, and the general Assembly of VA. I think this is very educational. This reminds me of Dr. Semmelweis who saved millions of women dying after child birth from puerperal sepsis (infection of womb). He insisted all those doing deliveries wash their hands in carbolic acid to kill germs. Dr. Semmelweis also found that medical students after dissecting cadavers for anatomy were examining women in labor without washing their hands. The smell coming out of cadavers was similar to the smell of women who died following sepsis. At that time they did not know the existence of germs. This was before the microscopes were invented. The medical establishment did not accept his theory and fired him. He ended up in a mental asylum and died ? suicide. Although he saved the lives of millions of women. See details in the link to Dr. Semmelweis:

One of the things I tried the VBM to do, and failed was to learn from our mistakes. This can be done by publishing the errors and mistakes that resulted in the deaths of patients, so that we can all study and learn from our mistakes. Of course these cases can be published without naming the MD or the nurse who made the error or the name of the patient or even the hospital. I call this the Black Box of Medical Errors. VBM is totally against this and worse than that they refuse to investigate my case when I saved the life of a patient by removing a GB with cholecystitis but no stones. DePaul Hospital (Norfolk) denied my privileges erroneously. A-calculous cholecystitis is a lethal condition with 50% mortality, and occurs in very sick patients like my patient.

But the chairman of the credentials committee (Dr.Gayle) who denied my privileges killed his patient due to gross incompetence, doing an axillary femoral bypass. He accidentally pushed the tunneler inside the chest instead subcutaneously, perforating the heart. Instead of disciplining him he was rewarded and made the President of Medical Staff. VBM claims to have investigated my complaint about Dr.G and also claims they did not find any wrong doing, although his patient died. VBM first ignored my complaint, then took 8 years to investigate my complaint.

There are several other MDs who lost patients or almost lost a patient, and missed a cancer of the rectum, that VBM refuses to investigate. But since I made complaints about VBM's faults they come after me for some trivial non issues in a scheme to deny my license to practice. Not a single of my patients have died or even slightly injured as a result of my alleged false charges. This is a political move and they are not interested in saving lives. One patient in the video Cyrano almost died from MRSA infection after hernia surgery. VBM refuses to investigate this case, but I am accused of giving him migraine Rx after the surgeon messed him up following the botched surgery. Also I was accused I did nor coordinate pain management with the surgeons.

Appreciate any comments if you have any. We have society to fight this kind of injustice called the Semmelweis Society. If you are interested in joining let us know. I also plan to write a book about this Injustice.